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Tax Forms 2013

Printech offers a full range of tax forms. Get ready for TAX SEASON. Get all the necessary tax forms, including 1099 forms for contractors and W-2 forms for full-time employees. We also offer a large selection of tax form envelopes to make sending your income tax forms simple.


We offer a full line of Tax Forms: 

  • W-2
  • 1099
  • Envelopes
  • Quarterlies
  • W9
  • Miscellaneous Forms:                      

                  - Continuous

                  - Mailers

                  - Lasers

                  - Pressure Seal, etc.



W-2s. Each Sheet contains information for two employees and is printed as a separate batch.

              Copy A’s, Copy B’s, Copy C’s etc. are printed separately.

Choose from easy packages: Standard Set - 100 Employees / Mini Set - 50 Employees

1099s  sets are available for 1099 Miscellaneous, 1099R, 1099 Interest and 1099 Dividend.  

               Standard Set contains 50 sheets ea. Copies A, B, C, (C, 2).

1099 R “Standard Set” contains 50 sheets ea. Copies A, B, C, D (1, 2).

1099 Misc is also available as a “Mini Set = 50 Recipients”, contains 25 sheets of Copies A, B,C, (C, 2).

Get 1099 sets with envelopes or without depending on your needs.

We also offer pressure seal forms.

The Pressure Seal W-2 forms are available as an 11" V-fold and 14" EZ-fold (Eccentric “Z” fold) with printed and blank formats. These are approved and patented formats with the most secure glue patterns available.

A complete line of 1099 MISC and 1099R forms are available as an 11" V-fold and 14" EZ-fold (Eccentric “Z”-fold) with printed and blank formats. In addition, Pressure Seal 1099 MISC and 1042S format is available.

View samples:


           W-2                                  1099                               ENVELOPES


Printech knowledgable consultants will give you a free consultation to determine which tax forms are required for your business.

Contact us today for more information or to place your order. You can call us Toll Free at 866-592-2838 (U.S. Only) or 1-305-592-2838 for all other calls.







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