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ACH Electronic payments volume has increased in Eastern Caribbean

ACH Electronic Payments With the new infrastructure in place,  ACH Electronic payments volume in Eastern Caribbean has increased.  The cost of transaction is much lower compared to recent years.  At the same time security and reliability of transaction has improved. Banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and corporations use ACH Electronic payment to pay vendors, employees, government, investors etc. Printech software CheckPlus now offers ACH electronic payments module in addition to secure check system. The software handles both check and ACH methods in one location, separating payments at the time of transaction processing. This allows the clients to process batches of payments at once, using CheckPlus system.


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Guide To Order Custom Blank Laser Checks

custom blank laser checksIf you company needs to order custom blank laser checks that feature company logo, color scheme and have multiple security features, you need to know options that make paper secure and fraud resistant.


You may also work for a business that sells checks to other companies, offering security features, color combinations, sizes and formats. This custom blank laser checks guide will help you to identify the best solution for your business or to provide valuable service to your customers, both US and international.


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Special Canadian Format For Laser Cheques

checqueMany countries use laser checks to process payments. However the check format can be different and elements on the cheque may vary. If you are doing business with Canada and making  payments using Canadian cheques, you need to use Canadian format to be compliant with the CPA (Canadian Payment Association) standards. Canadian Payments Association (Association Canadienne des Paiements) regulates money orders, bank drafts, business checks, settlement vouchers, savings bonds and other forms of payment. See samples and formats.


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Updates In Check Panama Processing

Check panamaThe Superintendency of Banks Organization strives to improve the safety and efficiency of check Panama payments. The changes will effect the banks in Panama and reduce the time to clear a check from three days to just one.

The regulations  involve printers that produce the checks, check paper, check format, design, security features.  With a new method of check processing, the  physical checks will disappear as soon as they are accepted by banks. They will be converted into a digital image for further processing. It is expected that the system will be fully standardized in 2016.”


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