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Check Printing Software CheckPlusCFO from Printech automates AP, payroll and business operations. Software integrates with ERP and accounting system.

ACH Electronic payments volume has increased in Eastern Caribbean

ACH Electronic Payments With the new infrastructure in place,  ACH Electronic payments volume in Eastern Caribbean has increased.  The cost of transaction is much lower compared to recent years.  At the same time security and reliability of transaction has improved. Banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and corporations use ACH Electronic payment to pay vendors, employees, government, investors etc. Printech software CheckPlus now offers ACH electronic payments module in addition to secure check system. The software handles both check and ACH methods in one location, separating payments at the time of transaction processing. This allows the clients to process batches of payments at once, using CheckPlus system.


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International Bank Selects CheckPlus Financial

Bank Jamaica CheckPlusA larger Bank with a branch in Jamaica selected CheckPlus Financial software from Printech to manage payments operations. The check printing system integrates with banks’ ERP system to automate checks processing. As a result, of implementation the pre-printed forms were replaced with blank secure laser check stock that is now used to print checks from various accounts, using different formats. OM Plus Delivery Manager allows efficient print management of secure documents with load balancing as well as print confirmation notifications.  Overall, the Bank’s branch in Jamaica was able to save cost, improve productivity, increase security and reliability of payment processing operations.


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Merger and payments

merger and acquisitions Merger takes place when  two companies form one entity.  On the operations side there are many challenges, including technology and human factor. Business goals that include lower cost, increased efficiency and making new business more profitable become a priority for a successful merger. Printech can assist in streamlining of the payment process and systems integration. By allowing centralization of inputs from multiple sources and formats, payments can be processed securely and in a timely manner.


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Working with software consultant: Pros and Cons.

software consultantAre you looking for a software product like ERP system, CRM or software program to print checks? Do you have IT department or planning on hiring software consultant? Software implementation is a multiple step process including analysis, design, integration and testing. Explore the issues that you may face when working with the 3rd party IT company that specializes in the product that you are looking for. We summarized the things you need to watch out for when selecting a software consultant that will provide the best solution for your business.


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Hate Your Payroll Software? 5 Signs It’s Time to Switch Providers

Payroll software 1Payroll is an administrative tasks that has to be done correctly and in a timely manner.  Many businesses use payroll software, outsource some of it, or outsource all of it to the third party. You need to choose the right solution for your business to process payroll secure, efficient and reliable so that your can concentrate on your main business activity. Payroll software allows you to avoid mistakes, secure personal data,  provides federal and state reports. If you are not happy with your current solution you need to invest into a new system with features that are important for your organization. This will allow you to pay your employees accurately and on time  without headaches.


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Special Canadian Format For Laser Cheques

checqueMany countries use laser checks to process payments. However the check format can be different and elements on the cheque may vary. If you are doing business with Canada and making  payments using Canadian cheques, you need to use Canadian format to be compliant with the CPA (Canadian Payment Association) standards. Canadian Payments Association (Association Canadienne des Paiements) regulates money orders, bank drafts, business checks, settlement vouchers, savings bonds and other forms of payment. See samples and formats.


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FTC Monitors Consumer Payments Safety

Consumer paymentsFTC announced that they shut down a company Payless Solutions that lied about lowering credit card interest rate. According to Weintraub Schifferle Attorney, Division of Consumer and Business Education, FTC, the company is no longer in business because of scam activity. They made money by charging the customer for  interest rate reduction services without permission. Most of the time the customer didn’t get a lower interest rate or any consumer payments benefits. Instead people lost money.




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How To Master Your Software Demo Presentation

Web demo

It is not an easy task to sell software via web demo presentation. You do not have a person in front of you, cannot see reaction and have a personal touch. That is why it  is important to prepare in advance to personalize your message, research customer needs and pain points. This way you will be able to show how your software product can improve their operations and reach the end goal.


Use 2-minute rule to get the interested in web demo and close he sale. This 7 steps to outstanding software demo presentation can guide you.


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Tips To Follow When You Order Checks

Check - order checksMany cases of check fraud can be prevented with the use of secure check stock and secure check printing software. When you order checks for your company, pay attention to security elements incorporated in the check paper. Use blank laser check paper stock that is in compliance with the requirements for the Check 21 Standard. Security features include micro printing, signature line pantographs, watermarks, chemical protection, padlock and more. There are ways to prevent check fraud and improve payment processing with check printing software.


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Tax Deductions Section 179. Tax Credits in 2014

Tax creditsOn December 16, 2014 the U.S. Senate passed a $42 billion package of tax incentives with dozens of lapsed breaks for 2014. This may have an impact for companies who acquired software products this year. And there is still time to make purchased and put equipment in place in 2014 as tax credits are set to expire in two weeks. By extending the tax breaks through 2014, Congress did the bare minimum necessary to avoid creating a major disruption to the 2015 tax-filing season or saddling taxpayers with unexpectedly higher bills, as reported by Bloomberg Business Week. There is still time to upgrade your software with CheckPlusCFO secure payment solutions to process checks and electronic payments.


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