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Check Printing Software CheckPlusCFO from Printech automates AP, payroll and business operations. Software integrates with ERP and accounting system.

Printech working with Dwolla on Mobile payments

Printech GlobDwolla mobile paymental Secure Payment Solutions LLC and Dwolla Inc. working on a solution where Printech will begin offering a mobile-optimized secure payment option to their customers. The service will expand Printech portfolio of secure payment solutions by adding a new low-cost way to transact. Dwolla represents a modern payment method that includes online payment system and mobile payments network, revolutionizing the industry by low-cost transaction fee structure. Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions is concerned about secure nature of transaction that is why Dwolla method was chosen to be promoted by company as a part of payment options.

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Consumer Preference for Payments and Laser Check Printing

laser check paymentsMajority of American adults across all demographic groups believe that consumers should not be forced to receive information in an electronic format. They prefer to have a choice to opt out to receive laser check printing payments with check printing software or ACH electronic payments. Specifically, 73% of respondents say it is wrong to expect anyone to go online to interact with government agencies.

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Direct Mail Campaign Automation with Folder Sealer Machines

folder sealer machinesPrintech Global helps Law Firms to achieve a better ROI on their advertising spending. With folder sealer machines solution creating direct mail campaign, they can double customer acquisition rate.

Printech Global introducing unique opportunity for law companies to double their client base through efficient and professionally packaged advertising using folder sealer machines. Potential clients will see a professional mailer and read it rather than discard it without even opening the envelope. If you advertise through direct mail, this solution is an investment that will pay for itself very fast.

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Obamacare Vendors Use CheckPlus for Payment Processing

Payment processingThe fast evolving healthcare payments industry is impacting the way both payers and providers do business. Printech Global offers a solutions to process and accept payments reducing cost and increasing efficiency for Obamacare vendors.

CheckPlusCFO from Printech, provides secure payment processing solution to companies in the Healthcare Sector. CheckPlusCFO assists organizations in processing multiple payments efficiently. Organizations can now generate secure, high quality, signed checks using blank security check stock and MICR laser printers, as well as ACH electronic payments to increase efficiency, reduce costs and errors.

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Electronic Payment Processing – Eastern Caribbean Region

electronic payment solutionsThe Eastern Caribbean Region adopted the national automated clearing house association’s standards for processing electronic payments in March of 2010. Printech offers a unique CheckPlus cheque writing system that gives businesses a convenient means of printing cheques, issuing refunds, dividends, financial statements and other secure documents. The software is essential for medium-sized businesses, large corporations, financial institutions, and government agencies. CheckPlus follows all the new regulations that were set forth in the Eastern Caribbean in regards to their brand-new cheque scanning and electronic payment processing standards.

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Printech Checks With Secure Payment Padlock Icon

Secure payment systemPrintech is now certified as authorized user of secure payment padlock. CheckPlusCFO software is capable of printing Padlock icon on the checks bringing extra sense of security to the software and producing secure checks. For some countries the presence of padlock is mandatory including Haiti where National Bank of Haiti requested addition of Padlock to their secure checks while printing on blank secure stock using CheckPlusCFO software. Now other users of CheckPlusCFO can take benefit of using the additional security feature.

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Making Payments Easy for Assisted Living Facilities with CheckPlusCFO Payment Processing Software

Payment Processing softwareCheckPlusCFO secure payment processing software from Printech Global can assist organizations in processing multiple payments. Assisted living facilities can now generate secure, high quality, signed checks using blank security check stock and MICR laser printers, as well as ACH payments to increase efficiency, reduce costs and errors. As a result, assisted living facilities can significantly reduce time and cost associated with payment processing and devote more time to improve communities.

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Easy Refunds Processing with CheckPlusCFO

CheckPlusCFO Software CheckPlusCFO gives businesses more options and flexibility in processing refund checks. QLT Consumer Lease Services ( implemented CheckPlusCFO Reconciliation feature that supports multiple online users to handle check reconciliation function in high check volume environments. Check information is fed into the system by means of the input of a “checks cleared” data file from the bank. Using this rapid entry mode, CheckPlusCFO Reconciliation significantly streamlines a normally tedious and time consuming process.

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CheckPlusCFO MICR Laser Check Software

MICR Laser Check SoftwareCheckPlusCFO MICR laser check software is designed to process checks and ACH electronic payments securely. It is generating buzz in the industry of secure payments because it is  popular with midsize and large organizations, government agencies, and financial institutions. Companies in US and International use CheckPlus and benefit from efficient MICR payment solutions.

The customer’s surveys confirm that the software reduces check printing time, eliminates costly pre-printed checks and greatly enhanced security.


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