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Blank laser check paper with security features makes payments more efficient. Use same check stock to process payments from multiple accounts, currencies and business rules.

Guide To Order Custom Blank Laser Checks

custom blank laser checksIf you company needs to order custom blank laser checks that feature company logo, color scheme and have multiple security features, you need to know options that make paper secure and fraud resistant.


You may also work for a business that sells checks to other companies, offering security features, color combinations, sizes and formats. This custom blank laser checks guide will help you to identify the best solution for your business or to provide valuable service to your customers, both US and international.


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Special Canadian Format For Laser Cheques

checqueMany countries use laser checks to process payments. However the check format can be different and elements on the cheque may vary. If you are doing business with Canada and making  payments using Canadian cheques, you need to use Canadian format to be compliant with the CPA (Canadian Payment Association) standards. Canadian Payments Association (Association Canadienne des Paiements) regulates money orders, bank drafts, business checks, settlement vouchers, savings bonds and other forms of payment. See samples and formats.


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New U-Seal Forms Create Self-Sealing Mailers

U-seal formsSelf-Sealing forms that can be sealed without expensive pressure-seal machines??? Sounds too good to be true? U-Seal forms features a new technology in self-seal mailing applications. With only 10lb of pressure applied to the forms you can create a bond and seal your mailer. Hand seal your Z, C and V fold sequences with no extra hardware. U-Seal forms are perfect for advertising campaigns, school notifications, magazine subscriptions, invoices, statements and other mailer. Its a great simple way to send professional looking self-mailers to clients or prospects.



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Updates In Check Panama Processing

Check panamaThe Superintendency of Banks Organization strives to improve the safety and efficiency of check Panama payments. The changes will effect the banks in Panama and reduce the time to clear a check from three days to just one.

The regulations  involve printers that produce the checks, check paper, check format, design, security features.  With a new method of check processing, the  physical checks will disappear as soon as they are accepted by banks. They will be converted into a digital image for further processing. It is expected that the system will be fully standardized in 2016.”


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Tips To Follow When You Order Checks

Check - order checksMany cases of check fraud can be prevented with the use of secure check stock and secure check printing software. When you order checks for your company, pay attention to security elements incorporated in the check paper. Use blank laser check paper stock that is in compliance with the requirements for the Check 21 Standard. Security features include micro printing, signature line pantographs, watermarks, chemical protection, padlock and more. There are ways to prevent check fraud and improve payment processing with check printing software.


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Print Checks Securely: “Catch Me if You Can”

print checksRemember the movie “Catch Me if You Can”  where  printed data from is lifted from the face of a check with “Scotch” tape and replaced  with typewritten characters.  Check alteration and check fraud  still holds true many years after the famous scam artist.   Don’t become a victim of check fraud. Enhance you payments security and print checks with multiple protection features to keep your company finance in check. Learn the steps to follow to print checks for your organization in a secure way.


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Consumer Preference for Payments and Laser Check Printing

laser check paymentsMajority of American adults across all demographic groups believe that consumers should not be forced to receive information in an electronic format. They prefer to have a choice to opt out to receive laser check printing payments with check printing software or ACH electronic payments. Specifically, 73% of respondents say it is wrong to expect anyone to go online to interact with government agencies.

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Direct Mail Campaign Automation with Folder Sealer Machines

folder sealer machinesPrintech Global helps Law Firms to achieve a better ROI on their advertising spending. With folder sealer machines solution creating direct mail campaign, they can double customer acquisition rate.

Printech Global introducing unique opportunity for law companies to double their client base through efficient and professionally packaged advertising using folder sealer machines. Potential clients will see a professional mailer and read it rather than discard it without even opening the envelope. If you advertise through direct mail, this solution is an investment that will pay for itself very fast.

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Printech Checks With Secure Payment Padlock Icon

Secure payment systemPrintech is now certified as authorized user of secure payment padlock. CheckPlusCFO software is capable of printing Padlock icon on the checks bringing extra sense of security to the software and producing secure checks. For some countries the presence of padlock is mandatory including Haiti where National Bank of Haiti requested addition of Padlock to their secure checks while printing on blank secure stock using CheckPlusCFO software. Now other users of CheckPlusCFO can take benefit of using the additional security feature.

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Making Payments Easy for Assisted Living Facilities with CheckPlusCFO Payment Processing Software

Payment Processing softwareCheckPlusCFO secure payment processing software from Printech Global can assist organizations in processing multiple payments. Assisted living facilities can now generate secure, high quality, signed checks using blank security check stock and MICR laser printers, as well as ACH payments to increase efficiency, reduce costs and errors. As a result, assisted living facilities can significantly reduce time and cost associated with payment processing and devote more time to improve communities.

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