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Working with software consultant: Pros and Cons.

software consultantAre you looking for a software product like ERP system, CRM or software program to print checks? Do you have IT department or planning on hiring software consultant? Software implementation is a multiple step process including analysis, design, integration and testing. Explore the issues that you may face when working with the 3rd party IT company that specializes in the product that you are looking for. We summarized the things you need to watch out for when selecting a software consultant that will provide the best solution for your business.


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Printech Joined TechnologyAdvice as Vendor of Check Printing Solution

Printech Check Printing TAPrintech Global Secure Payment Solutions LLC has joined the large network of vendors within the TechnologyAdvice community as provider of check printing and electronic payments software. Printech offers proprietary secure payment solution  CheckPlusCFO that enables companies to process multiple check and ACH payments securely. Payments can be processed from multiple bank accounts in multiple locations, including remote locations. They can be disbursed in multiple currencies.

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Printech working with Dwolla on Mobile payments

Printech GlobDwolla mobile paymental Secure Payment Solutions LLC and Dwolla Inc. working on a solution where Printech will begin offering a mobile-optimized secure payment option to their customers. The service will expand Printech portfolio of secure payment solutions by adding a new low-cost way to transact. Dwolla represents a modern payment method that includes online payment system and mobile payments network, revolutionizing the industry by low-cost transaction fee structure. Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions is concerned about secure nature of transaction that is why Dwolla method was chosen to be promoted by company as a part of payment options.

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Printech Checks With Secure Payment Padlock Icon

Secure payment systemPrintech is now certified as authorized user of secure payment padlock. CheckPlusCFO software is capable of printing Padlock icon on the checks bringing extra sense of security to the software and producing secure checks. For some countries the presence of padlock is mandatory including Haiti where National Bank of Haiti requested addition of Padlock to their secure checks while printing on blank secure stock using CheckPlusCFO software. Now other users of CheckPlusCFO can take benefit of using the additional security feature.

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Easy Refunds Processing with CheckPlusCFO

CheckPlusCFO Software CheckPlusCFO gives businesses more options and flexibility in processing refund checks. QLT Consumer Lease Services ( implemented CheckPlusCFO Reconciliation feature that supports multiple online users to handle check reconciliation function in high check volume environments. Check information is fed into the system by means of the input of a “checks cleared” data file from the bank. Using this rapid entry mode, CheckPlusCFO Reconciliation significantly streamlines a normally tedious and time consuming process.

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