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Printech offers CheckPlusCFO secure payment system to process payments secure. Printech brand is known for its quality products and top customer service

FTC Monitors Consumer Payments Safety

Consumer paymentsFTC announced that they shut down a company Payless Solutions that lied about lowering credit card interest rate. According to Weintraub Schifferle Attorney, Division of Consumer and Business Education, FTC, the company is no longer in business because of scam activity. They made money by charging the customer for  interest rate reduction services without permission. Most of the time the customer didn’t get a lower interest rate or any consumer payments benefits. Instead people lost money.




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How To Master Your Software Demo Presentation

Web demo

It is not an easy task to sell software via web demo presentation. You do not have a person in front of you, cannot see reaction and have a personal touch. That is why it  is important to prepare in advance to personalize your message, research customer needs and pain points. This way you will be able to show how your software product can improve their operations and reach the end goal.


Use 2-minute rule to get the interested in web demo and close he sale. This 7 steps to outstanding software demo presentation can guide you.


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CheckPlusCFO Software With Positive Pay Module

Positive payPositive Pay software allows a customer to generate and electronically transmit a file to their bank referencing the checks that have been issued with the CheckPlusCFO check printing software. The bank then takes responsibility to cash only those checks referenced in the Positive Pay file. With positive pay businesses will meet bank requirements to avoid check fraud liability.


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Solve Payment Pain with Check Printing Software Solution

ThCheckPlusCFO customere term emotional branding has been established as a marketing set of methods to build strong brands. Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions uses the technique to influence customer emotions, address their needs and wants. We introduce CheckPlusCFO check printing software solution as product that can solve the pain of payment processing via check or electronic ACH.  Printech tells the story, identifies customer pain and solves it. Customers fall in love with company and check printing software solution product, turning into valuable loyal consumers.

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Printech View of What’s More Important: Business or Brand?

Business or Brand PrintechThe old debate on ‘Which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ took a whole different meaning for Printech Global: “What should come first, business or brand?”

Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions specializes in custom software for secure payment processing. This includes check payments and ACH / EFT electronic payments. Clients come to us with the need to resolve the pain of consolidating and automating accounts payables into one solution. Printech CheckPlusCFO team provides experience of payments operations improvement, customer relations and technical expertise.

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CheckPlusCFO MICR Laser Check Software

MICR Laser Check SoftwareCheckPlusCFO MICR laser check software is designed to process checks and ACH electronic payments securely. It is generating buzz in the industry of secure payments because it is  popular with midsize and large organizations, government agencies, and financial institutions. Companies in US and International use CheckPlus and benefit from efficient MICR payment solutions.

The customer’s surveys confirm that the software reduces check printing time, eliminates costly pre-printed checks and greatly enhanced security.


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