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Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions provide payment automation. All-in-one solution to improve payment processing in the business.

Traditional Payments Are Challenged By Selfie Pay

Selfie pay paymentsMastercard is ahead of the game in the payments industry. It is introducing new technology to make payments with facial recognition verification called “Selfie Pay”. Consumer will  have to download the app on the smartphone. The app will take and store their digital image. The face will be digitized and converted into a series of zeroes and ones. When payment verification is needed, the digital code of the image you snap with the phone will be compared with the digital code of the image stored on MasterCard’s servers.



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Print Checks Securely: “Catch Me if You Can”

print checksRemember the movie “Catch Me if You Can”  where  printed data from is lifted from the face of a check with “Scotch” tape and replaced  with typewritten characters.  Check alteration and check fraud  still holds true many years after the famous scam artist.   Don’t become a victim of check fraud. Enhance you payments security and print checks with multiple protection features to keep your company finance in check. Learn the steps to follow to print checks for your organization in a secure way.


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CheckPlusCFO Software With Positive Pay Module

Positive payPositive Pay software allows a customer to generate and electronically transmit a file to their bank referencing the checks that have been issued with the CheckPlusCFO check printing software. The bank then takes responsibility to cash only those checks referenced in the Positive Pay file. With positive pay businesses will meet bank requirements to avoid check fraud liability.


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W-9 Form Update From IRS

w-9 formThe new draft of W-9 form and instructions were released by IRS on November 7, 2014.  The main changes affect companies and individuals holding accounts in foreign financial institutions. FATCA requires that foreign financial institutions report all U.S. account holders. The draft of W-9 may not be used until the formal release of the form. It is subject to change due to regulation.


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Easy Refunds Processing with CheckPlusCFO

CheckPlusCFO Software CheckPlusCFO gives businesses more options and flexibility in processing refund checks. QLT Consumer Lease Services (www.qltcls.com) implemented CheckPlusCFO Reconciliation feature that supports multiple online users to handle check reconciliation function in high check volume environments. Check information is fed into the system by means of the input of a “checks cleared” data file from the bank. Using this rapid entry mode, CheckPlusCFO Reconciliation significantly streamlines a normally tedious and time consuming process.

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