ATM Fraud With Cardless eATM System

ATMSeveral banks in the US rolled out the new ATM technology. It enables clients to cash checks, pay credit card bills , mortgages and withdraw cash at the ATM without the presence of a physical ATM card. The scammers and thieves caught on to this innovation before the bank’s clients got to know of its existence. The banks did a soft roll-out of the cardless eATM machines and many clients are not aware of the service. However, the  thieves were the first to the party. They used stolen data to get access to client online bank accounts, change login credentials and disable notifications. Many clients discovered the existence of the eATM service only AFTER becoming victims of ATM fraud.



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Move to Canada – bring CheckPlusCFO

move canadaEvery year certain Americans announce that they would leave the country and move to neighbor Canada. The good news is that whether companies are leaving or staying, CheckPlusCFO will support payment operations.  The turn-key solution from Printech Global can process payments on blank check stock or via electronic ACH in various countries. One thing less to worry when making a leap to the new land of opportunities. Printech will cover your back and help process payments in a secure and efficient way.


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ACH Electronic payments volume has increased in Eastern Caribbean

ACH Electronic Payments With the new infrastructure in place,  ACH Electronic payments volume in Eastern Caribbean has increased.  The cost of transaction is much lower compared to recent years.  At the same time security and reliability of transaction has improved. Banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and corporations use ACH Electronic payment to pay vendors, employees, government, investors etc. Printech software CheckPlus now offers ACH electronic payments module in addition to secure check system. The software handles both check and ACH methods in one location, separating payments at the time of transaction processing. This allows the clients to process batches of payments at once, using CheckPlus system.


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Lexmark’s Printer and Software division for sale

LexmarkIn early 2016 Bloomberg News reported that Lexmark International group was looking for potential buyers. Some of the interested parties included Canon Inc. and Ricoh Company. This followed recent update regarding restructuring and separating Lexmark into two separate companies:  software and printer/copiers organizations.

Some of the private-equity firms, including Thoma Bravo and Vista Equity Partners are interested in the software division, also known as Perceptive Software image scanning and processing and it was purchased by Lexmark in 2010. Apparently Lexmark was looking for the buyer of the company as a whole but there were no interested parties.

SAP Support for RFC Library

sap supportOn August 15, 2012  SAP support announced that it will end support for the classic RFC library librfc32(.dll), releases 7.11 and 7.20 as of  March 31, 2016. The SAP ICC provided information to its network with instructions to transition to the new SAP NetWeaver RFC Library, SAP Java Connector, SAP Connector for Microsoft .NET. The new library is more user-friendly but doesn’t support communication between two external systems. Companies using API from SAP need to update their programming and re-certify products.


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International Bank Selects CheckPlus Financial

Bank Jamaica CheckPlusA larger Bank with a branch in Jamaica selected CheckPlus Financial software from Printech to manage payments operations. The check printing system integrates with banks’ ERP system to automate checks processing. As a result, of implementation the pre-printed forms were replaced with blank secure laser check stock that is now used to print checks from various accounts, using different formats. OM Plus Delivery Manager allows efficient print management of secure documents with load balancing as well as print confirmation notifications.  Overall, the Bank’s branch in Jamaica was able to save cost, improve productivity, increase security and reliability of payment processing operations.


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Merger and payments

merger and acquisitions Merger takes place when  two companies form one entity.  On the operations side there are many challenges, including technology and human factor. Business goals that include lower cost, increased efficiency and making new business more profitable become a priority for a successful merger. Printech can assist in streamlining of the payment process and systems integration. By allowing centralization of inputs from multiple sources and formats, payments can be processed securely and in a timely manner.


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Working with software consultant: Pros and Cons.

software consultantAre you looking for a software product like ERP system, CRM or software program to print checks? Do you have IT department or planning on hiring software consultant? Software implementation is a multiple step process including analysis, design, integration and testing. Explore the issues that you may face when working with the 3rd party IT company that specializes in the product that you are looking for. We summarized the things you need to watch out for when selecting a software consultant that will provide the best solution for your business.


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Printech Sponsors Shop to Stop MS Event by University of Miami

university of miamiThe 7th annual Shop to Stop MS event was organized by the University of Miami Health System Department. It includes a private dinner and charitable shopping event at Saks Fifth Avenue. Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions is a proud pearl sponsor of the event in support of medical research, cutting-edge clinical and basic science laboratory research in a variety of program areas including multiple sclerosis.

University of Miami Health System Department cares for 2000 patients with multiple sclerosis, 2,500 patients with movement disorders, 1000 patients with cognitive impairment.

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Hate Your Payroll Software? 5 Signs It’s Time to Switch Providers

Payroll software 1Payroll is an administrative tasks that has to be done correctly and in a timely manner.  Many businesses use payroll software, outsource some of it, or outsource all of it to the third party. You need to choose the right solution for your business to process payroll secure, efficient and reliable so that your can concentrate on your main business activity. Payroll software allows you to avoid mistakes, secure personal data,  provides federal and state reports. If you are not happy with your current solution you need to invest into a new system with features that are important for your organization. This will allow you to pay your employees accurately and on time  without headaches.


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