How To Choose Check Printing Writing Software For Your Business


15 Things to Consider When Choosing Check Printing Writing Software

Companies around the world issue B2B payments locally and internationally. There are many ways to disburse a payment, including check payment, ACH / EFT electronic payment, credit card payment, debit card payment, wire transfer, mobile payment and other. In this article we will focus on the business checks and ACH electronic payments processing.

check printing writing software There are many ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning systems)  that are available in the market. They can have multiple modules including manufacturing, customer service, human resources, supply chain management, product development and other. The Electronic Payments Association (NACHA) and Canadian Payments Association (CPA) have strict regulations regarding business payments. Most ERP systems do not provide sufficient security to allow companies to print checks and process ACH directly from the core application. That is why it is recommended to use secure payment check printing writing software in addition to enterprise resource planning applications.

Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions is a company established over 30 years ago and provides state of the art secure payment software CheckPlusCFO that integrates with existing ERP or accounting package to issue check and ACH payments. We recommend software for the companies processing 500+ checks per month. With that volume they can see significant savings and increased efficiency. Checks are issued on blank secure check stock using MICR ink to print secure elements such as MICR line, check number, micro printed details. Potential clients compare secure payment check printing writing software from different vendors to select the best fit for their organization.

What you need to know when choosing check printing writing software

  1. Decide if you need check printing writing software that uses secure laser blank check stock or pre-printed forms to disburse payments. Some countries are required to use pre-printed forms that are produces by local government approved vendors. Printech supplies secure blank laser paper that we stock in our warehouses. There is also an option to order custom paper specifically for your organization. We created custom checks for such large institutions as Banque Nationale de Credit, Guardian General Insurance Ltd.,   Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated BankGrenada Co-operative Bank , Sagicor  and others. Check printing writing software should work with either blank or pre-printed forms using MICR line encoding.

check printing writing software


  1. Ensure that check printing software works with your current system. It is usually a requirement to install SQL software to run application, .NET or Linux environment. In addition it is important to make sure that software can work with existing printers or there may be a need to acquire new hardware to enable secure payment processing.
  2. If you work with international clients, make sure that software is capable of processing payment from multiple banks, multiple bank accounts, using multiple currency and ability to convert currencies. It is important to check is the software has ability to support a number of companies, not limiting to a single one.
  3. If you use blank check stock, it is always advisable to print company logo straight from the software. This way checks look more professional and there is an easy modification in case the company logo has changed.
  4. If company has several signors and payment need to have several levels of approval prior to disbursement, it is a good practice to purchase visual-sign feature. Signatures can be digitized and stored securely in the database, then applied to the checks after approval to be processed though check printing writing software.
  5. There is often a need to input singe check data manually and process with manual check module. The feature can be used by financial institution to process cashier or managers check, or by business that need to print check outside the accounting system, for example in case of emergency.
  6. It is useful to have a preview of the check in a non-PDF format prior to printing. A robust check printing software will provide this functionality so the check layout and details can be seen on screen.
  7. Secure payment software can process checks as well as ACH electronic payment. They can come from the same file and it is the function of the system to determine which payments will be processed as checks and which will be disbursed electronically.
  8. Software can run in automated mode. It picks up the new payment files generated by ERP or accounting package and payments are disbursed without human intervention.
  9. Companies may have various check formats and styles. Check printing software should support single or multiple check per page, allow for overflow and detect what kind of check format should be used for certain check type. You can process accounts payable, payroll, certificates, refunds, statements and other documents with the same software, allowing for different detail level in the explanation of benefits section.
  10. Make sure that check printing software can generate various reports, including check register with details, reconciliation, positive pay, summary of checks and ACH payments processed, audit log and many other reports depending on company requirements.
  11. It is important to find out if check printing software has ability to store processed information about payments and create audit log of activity for archiving and future retrieval.
  12. Find out about security features provided by check printing writing software, including micro-print, securemark, watermark, padlock and other elements.
  13. Critical event watch is a security feature that notifies authorized personal about such important events as re-print, voided checks, login into the system, password change, system error and other. When activated, the feature triggers email alerts so that administrator of the application can take action, correct the issue or simply gain knowledge about system activity.
  14. Companies with multiple locations need to have ability to print remotely. A banking institution with international branches may process payments from one country while printing actual checks in different locations. Remote printing saves cost and allows centralization of operations.

CheckPlusCFO has all the features above plus other specific components. Our business specialty is in customization and ability to integrate secure payment software with established ERP systems as well as home-grown applications that are often difficult to communicate with. We work closely with customer to identify their specific needs and develop software with requested check formats, import files, logos and signatures. We deliver custom check printing software to be installed on customer server and used at their location.

Companies may use different ERP and accounting system in various locations. This often happens when business grows through acquisition of other companies that use different software packages to support their operations. CheckPlusCFO check printing writing software can gather information about accounts payable from multiple systems, organize it and process payments together, in one import file. This ability significantly improves payment process and can shorten payment operations from several days to a few hours.

Printech programmers provide full support in integration and implementation of the application. We also do the training of the key personal responsible for using the system. We often travel on-location to provide on-site assistance, however majority of implementation are carried out remotely using Go-To-Meeting.

check printing writing software In today’s age of check fraud, Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions Company delivers check printing writing software with robust security features that is compliant with the regulations such as Check 21 and Sarbanes-Oxley Act , and provides fraud protection features including password protection, user permissions, critical event watch, security fonts, audit log, data encryption and decryption active directory support and many others.

Contact us so that we can schedule a web demo of our robust check printing writing software CheckPlusCFO and explain how your organization can benefit from it.