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Cloud PaymentsAs the companies worldwide looking ahead, all the talk is about the cloud: cloud space, cloud computing, cloud technologies, cloud payments, cloud security. Cloud embodies the delivery of information and turns software into a service where customers don’t pay for a license but for how much they use the system.

Printech Global Payments Solutions, a customized secure payments software firm that specializes in the banking, conglomerate insurance and government sectors is exploring the ways to join in on the trend. As IT manager at Printech comments, “the web-solution is not the future, it’s now. The technology is jumping 10 steps a second, timing is everything and we must roll out cloud payments because the market is very competitive, and we don’t want to be the last ones to arrive.”

Cloud Payments Management

Being a small firm, Printech has an advantage of moving fast to save companies a lot of money by avoiding capital expenditure for servers, software licenses and a team to maintain it all. The process of going to the cloud payments can be scary and has its pitfalls. Companies have to think strategically how to make necessary implementations, have the road map and foresee customizations that can be beneficial to each customer. Sometimes it pays off to start small, evaluate the opportunity and not put all the data in the cloud.

Printech is a privately held financial payment processing service company with secure and feature-rich payment processing solutions and has been in operation for more than thirty years, servicing clients in 26 countries. The company has evolved with time and is now a major leader in payment solutions market, adapting to changing technology. “For Printech Global Payments Solutions security is a key”, – commented managing director Michael Goldberg. “We work with banks, insurance companies and government sector and we need to insure that that the data in cloud payments is secure and foresee any potential problems that can come up. “

Cloud Payments – New Way to Process Accounts Payable

The new cloud payments technology is in the works and will allow for each customer to have a dedicated virtual environment that is completely independent and is not shared with any other client. The cloud space is completely private and allows clients to preserve their financial information without affecting other clients’ environments. Printech Global Payments Solutions can develop and deploy specific features to cater to each customer’s needs. The options include prepaid card, ACH electronic payments, business intelligence and analytics, program management services, specific applications for banks, insurance enterprises. The web-solution will roll out in the coming months and will be useful for national and international banks, regional credit unions, insurance providers and medium-size corporations. spokesperson commented that “the cloud, like the banking system, like any truly global system, is about openness and standards and transparency and trust and guarantees.” Printech provides robust security management system that is based on an internationally accepted security framework (such as ISO 27002) to protect customer data in cloud payments.