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Print checks“Catch Me if You Can”

The popular movie starring Leonardo DeCaprio as Frank Abagnale shows the protagonist lifting printed data from the face of a check with “Scotch” tape and replacing it with typewritten characters. This depiction of easy check alteration still holds true . . . if you are not using the appropriate safeguards to protect your checks during print checks process.

In order to adequately protect your checks, you need to address both your check paper as well as the system you are using to process and print checks. This is necessary due to the fact that MICR toner, being composed of at least 50% iron oxide, presents a challenge in the area of adhesion for the MICR printer designer and paper manufacturer.

Print checks

Print Checks Securely with CheckPlusCFO

At Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions LLC, we have paid particular attention to these problem areas by:

Blank secure check stock that we use to print checks is reactive to many chemicals. It has a true watermark, thermochromatic ink and especially, “toner lock”. Toner lock provides excellent adhesion of the MICR toner to the paper preventing character or number removal by scraping or tape pulling during print checks operations.

• Printech’s CheckPlusCFO secure check printing software system is capable of producing a check with a “Live Watermark” that repeats payee and amount data across the check face as a gray background. In cannot be lifted from the paper fibers. Additionally, this information is incorporated into the signature line in micro text characters during print checks process and visible only through a magnifying glass.

• Using a laser printer specifically modified to handle MICR check printing with adequate security and the necessary temperature controls to help fuse the toner into the paper.

Check FraudDon’t be a victim of check fraud. Enhance you payments security and print checks with multiple protection features to keep your company finance in check. Schedule a free demo with one of our consultants so that you can see features of CheckPlusCFO secure payment processing software and begin to print checks for your organization in a secure way.